Glimpse of our Work in AMC

Cylsys is a software development company which has over the past decade created some amazing products and platforms which are focused on innovation-led business growth for our clients. Our offerings leverage the latest technologies in cloud computing, mobility, big data, reach media and social connectivity to provide guaranteed business outcomes.

We have created some cutting edge applications for some of our clients in the AMC industry which help them take care of some of their critical functions. As your company is one of the Top AMC companies, We are sure our applications would be of most importance to you.

Polling App:

As mandated by SEBI all AMCs have to do the valuation of bonds on a daily basis. The process followed is the AMC receives a mail from either CRISIL or ICRA on a daily basis at 4.30 p.m. and this mail needs to be replied by the Fund Managers of AMCs after entering the necessary data in the attached Excel sheet on the same day, latest by 5.15 p.m. All this data needs to be stored and preserved for approximately 8 years. This entire process was being done manually which was very cumbersome and time consuming. So to enhance the process and optimize the resources it was decided to automate this entire process and store the required data in a database by developing an application for the same.

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Digital Transaction System:

is a utility that handles all the transaction processing occurring in mutual fund companies .DTS works on daily basis and handles all the transaction related data. DTS ensures that every transaction is taken of care and logged into the system. It involves Email and Fax Transaction, Bank Statement Download and Credit Confirmation, Master/Mapping setups. It's a one-stop solution for whole Transaction processing.

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Real Time Transaction Credit Confirmation:

This utility helps AMCs to reconcile credit confirmations on real time basis from banks, this utility runs at a specific interval and checks for any new transactions received. As soon as the transaction is received the utility initiates the credit confirmation process.

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Redemption Automation:

fully automate the entire process of creating upload files (using CAMS file as input), uploading those files on banks website and reconciliation of payment status between CAMS file, Bank Reverse Feed and Bank Statement.


In order to maintain the log of inward and outward mails, parcels, search records, generate MIS reports. This module also helps to print labels and export the existing data. The distributed process of mail management becomes centralized.

Debt Requisition:

There are two teams in AMCs one is Fund Manager and other is Dealer. FM assigns the deal to Dealers then Dealers perform the operations on assigned deals. This process is automated and streamline through an application name called Debt Requisition (Order Management) System. In this system different roles for users so FM, Dealers and compliance can use the system according to their daily operations.

Broker Grading System:

This is a desktop application developed for all the departments who participate in Broker/Firm grading, and gives their votes to each and every Broker/Firms. Once all the votes are received from the Fund Managers, Research Analysts etc, the application, calculates the Rank of the firms based on votes received. All the Reports are generated by the system. Once the reports are verified, the system sends the reports to the Brokers/Firms for their ranking.

Financial DB:

This application is used to manage storage and retrieval of analyst company data created in-house. Company Financials and ratings retrieval very cumbersome and time-consuming.

Upload/Download utilities Automation:

Every department wants to automate their files. File comes from different sources(FTP/SFTP/website/Mail/Local folders) and then user does some changes/calculation/operations and then share/upload. We have created a system to automate the entire process. User need to define source, destination, file types and operations and that process will be automated.

Medical Reimbursement and CHC Systems:

One of the leading Mutual fund Investment companies in India. It is the seventh-largest Asset management company in India. The AMC was looking for an IT partner to implement their Medical Reimbursement and Comprehensive Health Check up system for their employees (Approximately 1400) using the latest technology with existing cloud Infrastructure. They were using a mix of manual and system driven technology to process these functions which was time-consuming and prone to errors. Cylsys Software created a robust and Easy to use system which made the entire process digital and thereby saving time and aiding the team to execute the entire process accurately and seamlessly. The new system made sure that Employees were able to register their Medical claims or requests for a Comprehensive Health check up with utmost ease. The new system also made a huge positive difference to the Medical Administrators at client AMC in executing processes like checking the claims, giving sanctions, releasing the sanctioned amount payments into Employee’s salary accounts in record turnaround time. It was a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

Key Employee Compensation scheme

As you must be aware , SEBI has issued a circular on April 28th 20121 on Alignment of interest of Key Employees of Asset Management Companies (AMCs) with the Unit holders of the Mutual Fund Schemes, in terms of which a part of compensation of the Key Employees of the AMCs shall be paid in the form of units of the scheme(s), in proportion of AUM of mutual funds schemes for which they have role/oversight.

According to SEBI mandate, 20 % of the Key Employees salary has to be paid in form of units of the scheme, in proportion of AUM of mutual funds schemes for which they have role/oversight.

Our Application computes the percentage, that will be paid in form of units of the scheme. The application will calculate the amount that has to be invested in each scheme. And accordingly the HR team will distribute the salary in different Schemes.

Tour Management System:

This application streamlines the entire Travel and Ticket booking process for Employees of an Organization who travel for official tours. This system automates various tasks and processes and simplifies Tour planning, Tour approvals. scheduling and co-ordination resulting in better services delivered and improving overall productivity. Some of the modules in this Application are - Tour Requests from Employee's/ Tour approvals by the designated supervisor, Tour Advance processing/ Tour Rescheduling and Cancellation / Travel Desk Operations/ Tour Bill claims and processing by Accounts and much more.

IT & Fixed Assets Management System

Every Organization has an IT Department which procures IT assets ( eg .Laptops. Desktops, I Pads etc) and assigns it to Employees at various locations/branches for use. These IT Assets are then tracked , audited annually, disposed of (after a particular time period), taking care of Warranties/AMC's of those IT Assets etc. This Application covers all these functionalities and more and ensuring that the life cycle of any IT Asset right from procurement/assignment/audit disposal is captured in the system and generates various Reports to help the IT Department to keep track of these IT assets.

Similarly. the Fixed assets module covers the Fixed assets ( Office furniture - Tables, chairs, sofas etc and Office Equipment - printers, projectors, fax machines) ( Equipment used commonly at various office locations /branches). This module take scare of the procurement/ assigning and annual audit of these Fixed assets

Mapping Automation Project:

This Project revolves around the functionality of Mapping. In certain scenarios like Employee movement like Transfer, Appointment/ Resignation there is an impact on the Business relationships which those Employees are handling for that location /Branch. This Employee movement compels the smooth transfer of Business relationships or Mapping in the system from the Old employee to the new Employee at that location /Branch. This Application automates the entire Mapping process which was manual with its own share of manual interventions and rectification of errors , standardizes all the Masters and its maintenance and streamlines the entire process for all the stakeholders in the process.