Digital Transaction System

Walkthrough Over Working with Digital Transaction System


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The Client

Mutual Fund House is one of the leading Mutual fund Investment companies in India. It was carved out of the erstwhile Unit Trust of India in 2003. It is the seventh largest Asset management company in India. With more than 11 million live folios, it is a trusted name for customers looking for the right type of investment.

The Challenges

The brief from the client Mutual Fund House was that they wanted a system developed which would do away with the humongous and tedious task of manually tracking each customer application and entering the details in the system. They needed a system developed to identify the transaction details from an investor in the Mutual fund account, track them on a timely basis and provide them credit information.

Mutual fund companies handle several heavy transactions in a day, The whole business depends upon these transactions. And the RM, RH, investors - companies and individuals, brokers, distributors and different banks are involved in the process.

In order to identify the transaction details from an investor in Mutual fund account, track them on a timely basis (ie before 3PM every day) and provide them credit confirmation a defined process needs to be followed which includes:

Bank Statements downloads from different banks. Process of email and fax transactions confirmation by giving confirmation in terms of timestamp. Inflow outflow /transactions/Trigger and other reports.

This whole process of checking the daily transactions, checking the credits is done manually in most of the Mutual Fund companies.

To reduce this cumbersome and repeated manual work, we have developed a solution called Digital Transaction System (DTS)

What is DTS

Digital Transaction System is a utility that handles all the transaction processing occurring in mutual fund companies.DTS works on daily basis and handles all the transaction related data. DTS ensures that every transaction is taken care of and logged into system.

DTS application flow:

It is Rich of Out of The Box Features

Quick Find Search

Helps users to find their records easily across entities

Outlook Synchronization

Provides Email, Appointment, and Contact synchronization

Team Collaboration

Sharing records is easy, keeping update is trouble-free

Built-in Workflow/Processes

Facilitate end users to define their own business process

Hierarchy Visualization

Viewing records is more comfortable with visualization

Role-Based Security

Access what you need to access, see what you need to see


Email Transactions

Allows you to receive transactions via Email.
Transaction Acceptance
Transaction Processing
Transaction Confirming

Fax Transactions

Allows you to receive transactions via Fax
Transaction Acceptance
Transaction Processing
Transaction Confirming

Unregistered Transactions

When any unregistered transaction is received in the system, it directly goes to Unregistered transaction screen. Where user can identify the transactions select client name or distributor name and update the record on clicking on “Confirm” an alert message will be displayed that – This Fax /Email no is not present in the database do you want to update the no in DB. If the user clicks on YES, the Fax no/Email will be updated in the database against the selected customers name. So next time if FAX /Email comes from this no, it will not be unregistered.

Bank Statements

Download statements (web scripting/Email/Manual) | Process statements | Check credits

Bank Statements from all the different Banks are downloaded by the utility (Web Scripting, Email Integrations and Manually put in shared folder) The module helps in tracking transactions in various banks. All the statements are in different format i.e. pdf, excel or CSV file. Utility synchronizes the documents, collects the information and put them in Database. All the transactions are then available on the web through database, on the transaction screen.

Daily Entry

New Entry Screen

All transactions that occurred today are displayed, select the transaction and enter details to Confirm Credit or Save for Later. The Numeric figure in parentheses indicates total number of transactions.

Credit Confirmation Pending

This tab displays the records whose Credit Confirmation is pending. On Selecting any record from the list, records details with option for confirming credit is displayed

Credit Confirmation

Transaction whose data entry and credit confirmation is done. Numeric figure in parentheses indicates total number of credit confirmed transactions.


Transactions that are redeemed or switched are displayed here


Customer Master / Ops Master / Ops Mapping / Bank Master / User Module (Active Directory/ User Management) / Distribution Master

Customer Master

Maintains all the customer data, Ops code(emp code), Customer Name, email IDs, mobile number, fax numbers, city, zone and Client Group.

Ops Master

There are Ops rep for who handles accounts on behalf of company.
One Ops Rep is mapped to many clients and all these details are save in company master.
Ops Master pulls the data from HRMS
All details related to Ops like email ID, contact no, name, emp code, reporting manager are maintained in Ops master.

User Module

All the system users with their Roles
Activate/Deactivate user
Screen Assignment
MF CO user / Outside user
AD Authentication
Access Rights