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Republic Day Celebration_2023

Cylsys Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., celebrated Republic Day on 26th January 2023 as Jan Bhagidari - "participation of the common peopleā€ With a lot of enthusiasm and pride.

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Republic Day is celebrated every year in India on 26th January to commemorate the day when the Indian Constitution came into effect. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride, with people paying homage to the country's rich cultural heritage and the sacrifices made by freedom fighters.

The new constitution of free India came into force with effect from this day. It is a day of national rejoicing and a red-letter day in our country. The day is celebrated with pomp and show, zeal and spirit, throughout the length and breadth of the country.

The day was celebrated in our organization with great fervour. The office premises was tastefully decorated with flowerpots and national flags. We were beside ourselves with joy. Loudspeakers were fitted at strategic locations for excellent sound effect. Everyone were feeling very patriotic and happy because it was a matter of great pride for all of us. After all, on this day the constitution of India came into force and our country became a republic.

The celebration started with the traditional hoisting of the National flag, followed by the national anthem. The Guest of Honor for the flag-hoisting ceremony was Mr. Chandra Prakash Agrawal.

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The Republic Day celebrations at Cylsys Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. began at 8:00 am with employees dressed in traditional attire arriving at the venue. The office premises were decorated with the national flag and tri-color flowers, which added to the patriotic spirit.

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Saraswati Pooja

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The Republic Day celebration also included a photo session where employees could take pictures with their colleagues and friends. The event concluded at 12:00 pm with the employees exchanging greetings and wishing each other a Happy Republic Day. The management also distributed sweets and snacks to all the employees as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

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